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Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to define the quality of loose black diamonds

There are always some myths and facts about the things which are rare and which cannot be produced artificially. The value of these things increase exponentially with its demand and the scams about these products or fake seller also raise  due to high margin on selling single piece of unit. So it became difficult for buyers from where to choose and whom to trust especially when it comes to buy these things online. So the only thing that ensures the safety of buyers is its education and awareness about that product. So buyers themselves can differentiate and check the quality of that product offering by anyone online 

Diamonds are one of those products with rare availability in the market and high value which increases with its quality, especially when it comes to buy for black diamonds. Many people have myths that black diamonds are not real one and they cannot have higher price compare to others and people also give mixed kind of opinion about it. So here I want to explain the factors from which you can check the quality and reduce your confusion on which one to buy and which one not to.
 Before explaining the quality factors let me give you some basic knowledge of how they are formed and which process makes it black and inner architecture of these gemstones. They are made of very small crystals of carbons depending on the size of the stone. It has characteristic to absorb the light which is the main factor behind the color. Some of the diamonds can also be made with color enhancement treatment or exclusive pressure which forces to change its color to black. Some of the unique features of black diamond differentiate it from other color diamonds.

If you search for these stones, you will get large number of websites offering these gemstones on the net with describing the best quality. But as I have said, it is important for you to know what is real and what scam is so there are few things that you can check out and on which you can rely for trust.

Certification is a first choice to check with every purchase of real black diamond or any other color of loose diamonds. If you are buying a gemstone with very high cost then you must ask for the certificate which makes your purchase safe and ensure the value. Grading of the stone is another factor to consider. Gemological institute of America has developed certain standard to define the grade of the diamond according to that, black diamond has different grades which defines the quality as well. The next thing to check is its realness. You have to ask whether that particular stone has gone through any color enhancement treatment or not. Clarity of the gemstone is another key factor as well. There are certain grades to define the quality of the stone. Just like color, there is chart for different diamond cut as well to estimate the accurate value of loose diamonds. The weight is the last factor that comes in to picture white finalizing the value of any precious gemstones which is measured in carat. So this way the combination of all these factors makes the diamond more valuable compare to others. If two diamond conflicts with each other, different combination of color, carat, clarity and cut is required to differentiate the value and quality of black diamonds.

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