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Monday, March 2, 2009

All Fancy Cut Loose Diamonds, All Color Auction Diamonds

Fancy Diamonds
A fancy diamond is a natural colored diamond, found in a wide range of hues, including red, green, purple, violet, orange blue and pink. These diamonds are amongst the most rare and beautiful diamonds that nature has to offer. Welcome to the well maintained directory of companies engaged in the business of Fancy Diamonds. This Page contains listings of manufacturers, exporters & wholesale suppliers of Fancy Diamonds. The cut of a diamond is not the same as its shape. While the shape refers to the one the diamond resembles, such as heart, pear, oval, or round, the cut refers to the facets cut into a diamond and the way those facets catch and reflect light to give a diamond its characteristic sparkle. The cut of a fancy diamond is a largely a matter of personal preference. However, the quality of the cutter's execution is vital. A poor cut will mar the brilliance of a fancy cut diamond and affect its value. So far, there is no specified ‘ideal’ range of proportions for fancy cuts, though the American Gemological Society (AGS) is working on establishing standards. There are, however, recommended ideal proportions that will optimize the appearance and value of a fancy cut diamond. As in the case of the standard cuts, you should pay attention to all the Four Cs when buying a fancy cut diamond. In addition, check the symmetry of the diamond. Draw an imaginary line down the center of the stone, length-wise or breadth-wise; each half of the diamond should be shaped exactly the same as the other half. 

White Color Fancy Diamonds

Browse our large collection of spectacular certified loose white diamonds. Diamondzul white diamonds go through a meticulous selection process. Each white diamond is certified by the world's most respected labs .When you want the finest quality only a white diamond will do. White color white diamonds enables you to become a white diamond jewelry artist yourself. Try Diamondzul white diamonds to see how it works. Mividazul’s wide loose white diamonds selection enables you to create a stylish white diamonds jewelry. Don't miss out on a loose white diamonds selection for a once in a life time white diamond offer. Whether you see certified loose white diamonds, designer brand jewelry or an exceptional engagement ring, a vast selection is at your fingertips with Diamondzul.com. We’ve organized our white diamonds collections to simplify locating the item you desire. White Color Fancy Cut Diamond allows you to have a beautiful white diamond engagement ring without sacrificing color.

Pink Color Fancy Diamonds
The most popular diamond amongst connoisseurs, a Pink Fancy Cut Diamond is the ultimate symbol of felinity, love and grace. The most famous diamonds in the world are fancy colored diamonds - the Tiffany Diamond, which is yellow, and the Hope Diamond, which is blue. Fancy colored diamonds have an amazing financial track record. The value has never decreased at the wholesale level in more than 30 years. These less desirable diamonds are treated with irradiation followed by intense heat. This turns brown and yellow Wish diamonds into beautifully colored diamonds – stunning greens, blues, yellows, reds, Pink , and other colors. These colors are considered permanent, but there is a possibility they could change during repairs if high heat is used. Pink Diamond is A Most Popular Diamonds. A fancy colored diamond is a natural diamond in any of a variety of colors, such as red, green, purple, violet, orange, blue, and pink – and most shades between – and vary from faint to intense.
Red Color Fancy Diamonds

Rarest of the Red Fancy Cut diamonds, red color diamonds are not often seen by most diamond collectors or jewelers. Red Diamonds are the rarest of the fancy color diamonds. In fact, they are so rare in nature that most jewelers and diamond dealers have never even seen a natural red diamond. The world's largest red diamond is known as the Red Shield, and weighs "only" 5.11 carats, compared with over 600 carats for the largest diamond of any kind. Red diamonds are rare and highly desired. Red diamonds of higher intensity are the most rare and command very high prices. Most Red diamonds mined are faint to light colored (pastel colored). Many of the deep colored Red diamonds come from the Argyle mine in USA.

Champagne Fancy Cut Diamonds

Browse our large collection of spectacular certified loose Champagne Fancy Cut diamonds. Grading the Cut of Fancy Cut Diamonds is complex. Price scope helps with on-line selections here, but it is best to see and compare non-round diamonds in person. Unlike clear diamonds, the grading of fancy diamonds improves in relation to a greater presence of strong colors. Fancy colored diamond grading differs from clear diamond grading and a few simple descriptions will be useful in analyzing fancy colored diamonds These are the most widely available and surprisingly affordable colored diamonds. They provide a beautiful low cost alternative to pink, blue, grey, green or yellow diamonds. Common names used to describe brown color are: champagne, chocolate, coffee, golden, honey, bronze, cognac, etc.

Blue Fancy Cut Diamonds

Blue Diamond is what every kiln should be. We have a new shape and are going to reshape your future with our introduction of the Freedom Vent. The cut of a diamond is not the same as its shape. While the shape refers to the one the diamond resembles, such as heart, pear, oval, or round, the cut refers to the facets cut into a diamond and the way those facets catch and reflect light to give a diamond its characteristic sparkle. Natural Fancy Blue diamonds come in all cuts, including princess, emerald, asscher, oval marquise, pear, radiant, heart and cushion and round natural fancy Blue diamonds. With out any treatment.

Apple Green Fancy Cut Diamonds

Most Apple Green Diamonds are pale in color with light tones and those possess little value. The most desirable color grades are fancy, fancy intense, and fancy vivid greens. Fancy vivid is the most desirable color grade and can sell up to 2 to 3 times the price of fancy intense. Some popular length to width ratios: marquise, heart, princess, (square) and emerald cut, but your personal preference might be longer or shorter. Watch out for very thick girdles that result in paying for excessive weight. And be wary of thin girdles at the critical pointy ends of princess, marquise, hearts and pear shapes. Fancy Cut Diamonds may conceal flaws and inclusions more easily than colorless stones. The shades of Fancy Cut Diamonds include baguette, superman, kite shape etc...

Canary Yellow Fancy Cut Diamonds

Natural intense Yellow Diamonds are so rare that most jewelers have never seen one, and will never own one. In recent years, treatment processes have been developed to alter the color of Yellow diamonds, but so far all of the Yellow diamonds we have bought are believed to be treated. As you see on the chart canary yellow is not a color grade for Fancy Cut yellow diamonds. Yellow diamond is a non-gemological term used to describe yellow diamonds. Yellow diamonds is a term that the public refers to a "very" yellow diamonds such as fancy intense yellow. You can assume that yellow diamonds and yellow diamonds are interchangeable terms. So, all yellow diamonds are somewhat "canary yellow” diamonds to varying degrees. (For example light canary yellow diamonds.) You will not see the term "yellow" on a lab certificate, but the public still uses this term to describe "very" yellow diamonds.

Black Fancy Cut Diamonds

The depths of a Natural Black Diamond are almost hypnotic as light absorption is almost complete and the play of light retained is most unique. With a very large range of modifying colors, collectors prize them and fashion jewelry is only now beginning to appreciate their special qualities. Black diamonds have been around for a long time, and in the last few years have started to be marketed and promoted, making them start to be fashionable. Of all the colors for diamonds, we consider black to be the least attractive for a number of obvious reasons, and a few less obvious ones. Diamondzul have recently purchased a small number of Fancy Cut Diamonds, as shown on our photograph. Natural fancy colored diamonds are very rare and expensive.

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