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Saturday, February 21, 2009

All Color Fancy Cut Diamonds, Natural Fancy Cut Diamond, Buy online Loose Diamonds USA

Fancy Cut Diamonds
Fancy coloured diamonds are all the rage these days. A fancy coloured diamond is a natural diamond in any of a variety of colours, such as Red, Green, purple, violet, orange, Blue, and Pink – and most shades between – and vary from faint to intense. One in every 10,000 carats is a natural fancy coloured diamond, and the rarity of fancy coloured stones is only matched by their extraordinary beauty. The most valuable natural fancy diamonds have a distinct hue, darker tone, and vivid or strong colour saturation. Fancy Coloured Diamonds have an amazing financial track record. The value has never decreased at the wholesale level in more than 30 years. In a strong economy, the value of Blue and Pink Diamonds has doubled every 5 years. You could have bought a very high quality blue diamond in the 1970s for about thousand dollars; today, the very same stone would be worth between 2 and 3 million. Synthetic coloured diamonds are another option, if owning a coloured diamond is something you desire but cannot quite afford just yet. The cut of a diamond is not the same as its shape.

While the shape refers to the one the diamond resembles, such as Heart, Pear, Oval, or Round, the cut refers to the facets cut into a diamond and the way those facets catch and reflect light to give a diamond its characteristic sparkle. The cut of a fancy diamond is a largely a matter of personal preference. However, the quality of the cutter's execution is vital. A poor cut will mar the brilliance of a Fancy Cut Diamond and affect its value. So far, there is no specified ‘ideal’ range of proportions for fancy cuts, though the American Geological Society (AGS) is working on establishing standards. There are, however, recommended ideal proportions that will optimize the appearance and value of a Fancy cut Diamond. As in the case of the standard cuts, you should pay attention to all the Four Cs when buying a fancy cut diamond. In addition, check the symmetry of the diamond. Draw an imaginary line down the centre of the stone, length-wise or breadth-wise; each half of the diamond should be shaped exactly the same as the other half.

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Certified Quality blue Diamonds California

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