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Sunday, March 1, 2009

All Color Square Cut Diamonds, Natural Square Cut Diamonds

Emerald Cut Diamond

Emerald cut diamonds are among the most popular fancy cuts, noted for their subtle beauty, reflecting less light than the Round Brilliant or Princess cut . The characteristic feature of Emerald cut diamonds is the ‘step cut’, originally developed for cutting emeralds, but equally well-suited to diamonds. Step cuts are comprised of larger facets which act like mirrors and resemble a staircase, hence the name. Emerald Cut Diamonds reveal a classic beauty and elegance not seen in other cuts. Rectangular cuts are more popular than Square Emerald cuts. They reflect the stately beauty of an emerald, a gemstone which some consider to be even more valuable than the diamond. The trim lines of Emerald cut diamonds lend an elegant, sophisticated air to both the simplest and most elaborate ring settings.

Emerald cut diamonds are not as traditional as the Round Brilliant or as trendy as the Princess cut, making them extremely economical when compared to the more popular cuts.The Radiant cut diamonds is especially popular for fancy colored diamonds, because the shape, proportioning, and facet arrangement intensify the color. Fancy colored Radiant Cut Diamonds usually have lower length-to-width ratios and are closer to a square than a rectangular shape. Some diamond shapes tend to have lighter areas than others, as the facet patterns do not show color evenly throughout the stone. The Original Radiant cut makes an amazing center stone for 3-stone rings. Squarer shaped Radiant cut diamonds are also a popular choice for diamond shoppers looking for a very bright and brilliant square cut diamond. Square Radiant cut diamonds are among the most finely-made Radiant cuts available in the marketplace.

The Asscher cut is a variation of the Emerald cut, known on a GIA Report as a ‘Modified Square Emerald cut’. The Asscher cut is a square cut diamond with 72 facets, and emits the same subtle brilliance as an Emerald cut. It has wide step facets and deep clipped corners, which make the diamond resemble an octagon. Original Asscher cut diamonds are much sought after today, and very scarce. They have been featured as fine jewelry in top-rated television shows and have recently begun to appear in the engagement rings of Hollywood starlets. These widely photographed rings, appearing in fashion and entertainment magazines, have stoked the public demand for this vintage cut.

Vintage Asscher Diamonds are usually octagonal in shape or square with beveled corners. They have a deep step-cut crown and pavilion that create what could be called the ‘Hall of Mirrors’ effect.With its unusual shape, the Cushion Cut Diamond is one of the most popular cuts of diamonds ever. This fancy cut has been around for more than a century, and is sometimes called the ‘Pillow cut’. The Cushion cut is an interesting alternative to the Oval or Princess cuts. These diamonds are actually antique pieces that mainly look like something between the ‘Old Mine’ cut of the late 19th and early 20th centuries and the Modern Oval cut. The modern Cushion shape is based on the Antique Cushion cut, which is a combination of round and square outlines, with a softened square or ‘pillow’ shape that gives it its name. The rounded corners surrounding a large facet give Cushion cut diamonds great depth and add to their brilliance. Modern Cushion cut diamonds are also known as ‘Candlelight diamonds’. These diamonds have a look that evokes romance because of their natural shine and beauty.Also known as ‘Modified Square Brilliants’, Princess cut diamonds are among the brightest, with the most attractive cut.

The Princess cut is relatively new and increasingly popular. Its growing popularity is due to its wonderful characteristics, combining both style and brilliance. The inverted-pyramid shape makes Princess Cut Diamonds more brilliant and sparkling than ordinary square diamonds. Some people prefer Princess cut loose diamonds because they are rectangular and yet have the sparkle of Round Brilliant cut diamonds. The Princess cut was created in the 1980s to reflect light brilliantly and is most often cut as a perfect-sided square with sharp corners. Compared to a Round Brilliant cut, the Princess cut can offer much more brilliance and fire at a more affordable price.

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