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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Certified Natural Diamonds

Certified Natural Diamond:-
We compiled a list of over 35 000 Certified Loose Diamonds in various shapes, carats, cuts, clarity, colors and prices for you to choose from. Whether you are shopping for that perfect diamond for your diamond engagement ring or looking to invest in some wholesale loose diamonds Diamondzul can help.

Diamondzul Diamond Exchange presents the very best in GIA Certified Loose Diamonds and diamond jewelry direct from our world wide network of over 2000 wholesale diamond cutters and brokers! For your engagement rings, diamond anniversary rings, wedding rings, or a three stone diamond ring as promoted by DeBeers. There are many grading systems and certifiers out there for loose diamonds. The most prominent figures found in America would be the G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America), and the E.G.L. (European Gemological Laboratory). There are many similarities and differences between the two. For example, they both use the same color system, and mostly the same clarity system. However, it is widely believed that the G.I.A. is more strict than the E.G.L. in their evaluations, that's why G.I.A. certified diamonds are generally slightly more expensive. The G.I.A. is a non-profit organization available only in America. They operate from only two locations. On the other hand, the E.G.L. is found all over the world, with a total of nine individually owned and operated companies. They have a SI3 grading for the clarity of a diamond, which the G.I.A. does not. The line between SI3 and I1 quality is largely controversial with many debates on where one ends and the other one begins. Even though most jewelers rank G.I.A. superior, the E.G.L. certificates from Los Angeles and New York are also ranked far better than other E.G.L.s from around the world. Also, most of the very expensive, high quality diamonds come in G.I.A. instead of E.G.L...

Certified White Diamond:

The name “White” was used for centuries to describe apparent color of colorless stones but true white diamonds do have a true milky white inherent color and a translucent milky white apparent color. Pure whites with no secondary colors are truly rare and highly esteemed by dealers and collectors. Browse our large collection of spectacular Certified Natural White Diamonds. Diamondzul white diamonds go through a meticulous selection process. Each white diamond is certified by the world's most respected labs .When you want the finest quality only a white diamond will do. Nothing quite compares to the unique glitter of a white diamond. Choose from Diamondzul huge collection of high quality certified white diamonds of all shapes & cuts.

Certified Blue Diamond:

Considered extremely rare, the shades of Blue Diamonds share the powerful blue of the sea, the sky or a pale winter day. The powerful color of the sea and the sky meet in these exceptional gems. Blue diamonds are considered extremely rare. Ranging from the pale blue of a winter’s day to the deep hue of a peacock’s tail, each shade is exquisite. Most new Blue Diamonds today come from South Africa and grey blues tend to come from Australia. The main cause of color in diamonds is the presence of natural irradiation. They grade the color as fancy dark grayish blue. Enhanced blues look like natural teal blue diamonds, and are popular because of their low price compared to the real thing.

Certified Pink Diamond:

The hot favorites of connoisseurs, Pink Natural Diamonds are considered the treasure of treasures. Pink has always been associated with femininity, love and grace. A pink diamond is their ultimate symbol. Pink diamonds are same in nature as normal diamonds. Normally, we find traditional, colorless diamonds, but there are also colorful diamonds are found naturally. They have the same structure as normal diamonds. The distinguishing feature of color is added to them due to the presence of certain minerals.

Certified Apple Green Diamond:

Most Apple Green Natural Diamonds are pale in color with light tones and those possess little value. The most desirable color grades are fancy, fancy intense, and fancy vivid greens. Fancy vivid is the most desirable color grade and can sell up to 2 to 3 times the price of fancy intense. Some popular length to width ratios: marquise, heart, princess, (square) and emerald cut, but your personal preference might be longer or shorter. Watch out for very thick girdles that result in paying for excessive weight. And be wary of thin girdles at the critical pointy ends of princess, marquise, hearts and pear shapes. Certified Apple Green Diamond is a very beautiful and natural diamonds.

Certified Green Diamond:

Very rare indeed, few new Natural Green Diamonds make it to market each year, taking eons for the natural green to color to develop. We take the guess work out of choosing the perfect certified green diamond. Use the easy diamond search tool to find exactly what you are looking for. All Diamondzul green diamonds come with a GIA (USA) certificate. Natural fancy Green diamonds are extremely rare and desirable. The Dresden green is to green diamonds what the Hope diamond is to green diamonds.

Certified Champagne Diamond:

Browse our large collection of spectacular Certified Loose Champagne diamonds. Grading the Cut of Fancy Cut Diamonds is complex. Price scope helps with on-line selections here, but it is best to see and compare non-round diamonds in person. Unlike clear diamonds, the grading of fancy diamonds improves in relation to a greater presence of strong colors. Fancy colored diamond grading differs from clear diamond grading and a few simple descriptions will be useful in analyzing fancy colored diamonds These are the most widely available and surprisingly affordable colored diamonds. They provide a beautiful low cost alternative to pink, blue, grey, green or yellow diamonds. Common names used to describe brown color are: champagne, chocolate, coffee, golden, honey, bronze, cognac, etc.

Certified Canary Yellow Diamond:

All of the Certified Yellow Diamonds we sell come with GIA certification papers. If you are not completely satisfied with yellow diamonds purchase, rest assured that you can exchange your loose diamond or diamond ring or return it for a full refund. We stand behind all of our Yellow diamonds with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you have any questions on how to choose a yellow color diamond for a great price, please frankly ask a question to Diamondzul.com

Certified Black Diamond:
Black Fancy Cut Diamond
Black diamonds are typically enhanced. Natural Black diamonds are genuine diamonds treated with radiation to make their color appear black. Under normal lighting conditions the color enhanced “black” diamond looks black. However, it is actually very dark green. To observe the very dark green color, a fiber-optic light source can be placed near a thin edge of the diamond (such as the girdle or culet). This allows the light to illuminate some of the interior of the stone. The very dark green color that becomes visible is commonly seen in enhanced black diamonds. The very dark green color that is seen is never seen in natural diamonds. It is a result of radiation treatment.

Certified Red Diamond:

Rarest of the fancy color diamonds, Red Color Diamonds are not often seen by most diamond collectors or jewelers. Enhanced and Natural Red Diamonds can be easily separated because of blackish overtones, lack of graining, and the distinctive absorption patterns of natural red diamonds. Even enhanced red diamonds are considered rare because the color is so hard to achieve. Labs use irradiation and controlled heating to attempt to get the color.

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