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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pink Color Diamonds, Fancy Cut Diamonds, Loose Diamonds

Pink Color Diamonds

Pink diamonds with a secondary color are graded as purple pink or purplish pink, brown pink or brownish pink, and orange pink or orangey pink. The color modifier slightly decreases the price of the diamond. Pink diamonds with a secondary coloring are more affordable and have a beauty all their own. They offer more people the opportunity to own a fancy color diamond. The hot favorites of connoisseurs, pink diamonds are considered the treasure of treasures. Pink has always been associated with femininity, love and grace. A pink diamond is their ultimate symbol. Pink loose diamonds are amongst the exceptional and most valuable diamonds. Manufactures normally pick them for different purposes.

Some might fix them on engagement rings where as some others might put in bracelets, necklaces or even earrings. Since there are only a few people who can afford these loose pink diamonds. There can always be a possibility for replicas of these, one of a kind diamond. It is always advisable to not go for the cheap loose diamonds, as there is always a possibility of them being false. Most available pink diamonds will be I1-SI clarity, but VS, VVS and internally flawless pink diamonds are available from some wholesalers and usually command a premium price. After having made a number of test runs, we are pleased to have three new EternaVista treated pink diamonds available. All of these graded 'fancy intense pink', and are a softer pink than our Takara lab grown pink diamonds.

Pink Round Cut Diamonds

This classic diamond shape consists of 57 facets and is much more brilliant than most cuts, due to its better light dispersion. A round cut diamond mounted would look good on most fingers. The first well-known cut was developed in the late 17th century and was named the "Old Miner Cut" and has similar facets to that of the current Pink Round brilliant Diamond. However, because it seemed more like a cushion shape, this particular cut evolved in the "Old European Cut" which is believed to be a direct ancestor of the present round brilliant cut. Some of the famous diamonds cut in round brilliant are: The Moon Diamond, weighing in at 183.00 carats; The Sultan of Morocco Diamond, which weighs 35.27 carats; the 23.56 carat pink Williamson diamond; and the 123.00 carat Stewart Diamond.

Pink Heart Cut Diamonds

The heart cut diamond is the ultimate symbol of love and is a distinctive choice for a variety of diamond jewellery. When choosing a colour grade, consider that while the price of a J-colour heart shaped diamond is exceptional, colour may be slightly visible in its corners.The heart shape is one of those special cuts that follow more human and emotional values. The technical benefit is that a Pink Heart shape diamondhas a roundish pavilion and if well cut and proportioned can drive the sparkle and scintillation back out of the diamond. The origin of the heart shape can be found with the pear shape diamond. If you look closely at the heart shape diamond, you will notice that it is quite similar to the pear shaped diamond. This is not simply a coincidence. The heart shape is actually derived directly from pear shaped diamonds.

Pink Square Cut Diamonds

The Flanders Ideal Pink Square Cut diamond has the visual outline of a square shape but it has four short sides and four long sides, almost like an emerald cut diamond shape with its four cut corners. Most square or rectangular cuts just don't live up to the round brilliant for sparkle, but the Princess Cut was designed for getting maximum brilliance from a square cut. The goal of designing this diamond cut was to maximize brilliance regardless of weight loss; the loss is slightly greater than it is for an ideal round cut diamond. The cut retains about 45 percent of the original weight of the rough, compared to 47 to 48 percent for a round cut diamond.

Pink Fancy Cut Diamonds

The attraction of fancy shape diamonds is largely based on the appeal of the shape itself, although round brilliant cuts are without doubt more brilliant. Larger fancy shapes cost a little less than round diamonds on a per carat basis because cutters get a bigger yield by cutting a fancy shape that "fits" into various shaped rough diamonds. Some fancies, like marquise and pears, can have bigger spreads than rounds, but mostPink Fancy shapes diamondsare deeper with smaller spreads. On a $ per square mm basis, there may not be much difference between rounds and fancies, but on a $ per sparkle, rounds usually win. Watch out for very thick girdles that result in paying for excessive weight. And be wary of thin girdles at the critical pointy ends of princess, marquise, hearts and pear shapes.
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