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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Special Diamond Collections

Summer Diamond Jewelry Collection
Choose your own style, setting and loose diamond from our diamond summer collection to create a unique masterpiece. Diamond Zul offers beautiful and brilliant antique model earth mined diamonds. Our all diamonds are genuine and natural diamond. Shopping your summer collection real loose diamonds and get fastest free worldwide shipping.

A special summer collection perfect matching loose diamonds pair with real colors such as canary yellow and pink color diamond with different stylish shapes. Get Marquise and square cut real diamonds pair for your earring studs. Customize Your Mounting With Us.

Yellow Round Cut Diamond
The round brilliant cut diamond is by far the most popular and most researched diamond shape available today. For almost 100 years, diamond cutters have been using advanced theories of light behavior and precise mathematical calculations to optimize the fire and brilliance in a round diamond. In addition to being the most popular and researched shape, a round diamond will typically give you more flexibility in terms of balancing cut, color, and clarity grades while still getting the fire and brilliance you want.The Round Brilliant Cut is designed to provide maximum optics for the brilliance and scintillation, making the light seems to sparkle and dance in the light. Round cuts are highly popular in the consumer market and are used as a center stone and side stones in rings as well as on other types of fine jewelry. As always, make sure you inspect the diamond closely or ask for an independent appraisal to determine the quality of the stone and the retail or wholesale value of it.

Yellow Heart Cut Diamond

The heart cut Brilliant bears some similarity to the Pear Shape, except that there is a cleft at the top. In fact, often the reason cutters may choose a Heart cut over a Pear may be that the Rough Diamond contained an inclusion located in the cleft. The skill of the cutter can make a great difference in the beauty of this cut. The "Shape Appeal" is especially important with Hearts. The heart is the ultimate symbol of love. The unique look of the yellow heart cut diamond helps make it a distinctive choice for a variety of diamond jewelry. Diamond Facets are the smooth surface areas of a diamond which are cut and polished to control the brilliance and the durability of a diamond. A skillful diamond cutter brings out all the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond by choosing the most appropriate cut, such as the Heart cut Diamond. Ultimately it is the skill of the cutter that determines the beauty of the heart cut. The heart cut is surely the romantic shape for a diamond. At diamondzul.com you can view and buy heart cut diamonds loose, or set into stunning jewelry such as heart cut Diamond Earrings and diamond pendants. The most common reason for a diamond cutter to fashion a fancy shape rather than a circular one, is to retain the maximum weight.

Yellow Square Cut Diamond
Say the words engagement ring and the first thing that often comes to mind is the classic ring, the brilliant-cut round solitaire, most often set in a white gold mount on a yellow gold band. But the times are changing and other cuts are becoming the new trend. Bloom berg has a report on diamond cut trends for engagement rings. While the round is still the most popular shape, research from the Diamondzul Information Center reports that square cuts.

The Asscher cut diamond can usually be characterized as a square emerald cut. Because the cut is extremely fancy and unique, it doesn’t really have a strict definition, but many experts in the diamond industry consider the Asscher cut diamond to be the forerunner to the emerald cut.

Created during the 1980’s, the princess cut diamond reflects light brilliantly and is typically cut perfectly square. The corners of the diamond are sharp and uncut. Compared to a round diamond, the princess cut can offer much more brilliance and fire. A skilled diamond cutter can make a diamond into a perfectly proportioned princess cut, which is a perfect-sided square. The reason the princess diamond cut is a favorite among diamond lovers is that gives the wearer the best of both world. Not only does the princess diamond cut look unique as well as stands out in a crowd, it also reflects light nicely to offer high brilliance and fire.

A radiant cut diamond is a squares cut diamond that is characterized by trimmed corners. The radiant cut diamond is an extremely versatile cut diamond that can be set in many different ways, however it is usually the centerpiece, with beautiful baguette or round side diamonds complimenting it.

Yellow Fancy Cut Diamond
The attraction of fancy cut diamonds is largely based on the appeal of the shape itself, although round brilliant cuts are without doubt more brilliant. Larger fancy cut cost a little less than round diamonds on a per carat basis because cutters get a bigger yield by cutting a fancy cut that "fits" into various shaped fancy cut diamonds. Some fancies, like marquise and pears, can have bigger spreads than rounds, but most fancy cuts are deeper with smaller spreads The Baguette may be cut long or more emerald shaped in proportions. As a main stone the proportions should be more like a rectangle shape. The Baguette is for those people who want a long stone, usually used are small baguettes to accompany different shaped diamonds. Unusual in Larger sizes. Loose fancy cut Diamonds can be purchased in raw state, but need to be cut & appraised. Fancy cut Diamonds come in standard color, most popular are round, cushion, emerald & oval forms. Radiant, Asscher & triangle Loose Diamonds are popular in men's jewelry as cuff links, whilst heart Loose Diamonds have romantic appeal.

Fancy Cut Diamonds were a form of brilliant cut with a variety of facets structures, and with the outside perimeter being out-of-round often more square or rectangular in shape.

Canary Yellow Natural Diamonds

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