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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine special gift heart cut diamond

Valentine Diamond:-
The term Heart and Arrows is used to describe the visual effect achieved in around Super Ideal cut diamond with perfect symmetry and angles that exhibit acrisp and complete pattern of Hearts & Arrows. When viewed under special magnifying viewer, a complete and precise visual pattern of 8 heart is seen while looking down through the pavilion and 8 arrows when viewing the stone in the table up position which can be seen. Loose Diamonds are popular in men’s jewelry as cufflinks, White Heart cut Diamonds have romantic appeal.

On this Valentine festival DIAMOND GIFT is very impressive and stunning gift as diamonds like heart shape have more value with feeling. Our all giftable valentine special diamonds are genuine and certified real diamond at ebay. Gift Pink color heart cut diamond to you girlfriend and your life partner to celebrate moment. Give white color heart cut diamond or yellow color heart diamond to your friend. Find the perfect matching of Heart cut Diamond pair also for earring studs and other jewelry. Diamond zul’s diamond pairs are looking same in look up as well as in clarity and weight.

White heart cut Diamond
Yellow heart cut Diamond
Red heart cut Diamond

Blue heart cut Diamond

Green heart cut Diamond

Champagne heart Diamond

Black heart cut Diamond

Apple Green heart Diamond

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